We are Swirnow!


To be the leading partner of designers, contractors, and developers while building rewarding careers for our teammates.


Deliver state-of-the-art building solutions anchored in decades of learning, continuous improvement, and a deep commitment to our customer’s success.



We are explicit in our commitments and take ownership of those responsibilities.


We cultivate meaningful relationships through a kind and positive attitude.


We share our intuition and draw upon our experience to provide support and inspire success.


We learn and embrace new ideas and concepts that add significant value.

History Timeline

For over 50 years, Swirnow Building Systems has been building success stories with designers, builders and developers like you. This remarkable track record is the result of hard work and our belief in getting things right the first time. We have extensive experience in innovative structural and architectural building solutions, and we are proud to be associated with some of the most popular building systems in America. 


In 1972, Swirnow became the first United States licensee for the Hambro® D500 Structural Floor System. As the U.S. partner, we established an extensive network of over 30 experienced dealers across the country. Combining composite steel joists with concrete, Hambro is one of the most advanced floor systems on the market.  Throughout the early 70’s, Swirnow secured all major U.S. code approvals for Hambro and initiated rigorous fire testing programs with Underwriters Laboratories. Hambro has achieved and maintains some of the highest performing fire and sound ratings.

In 1978, Swirnow pioneered light gauge metal studs into load bearing, structural stud wall systems with the inception of Energywalls. This innovative sytem was used in the first six-story load bearing steel stud project ever built in the United States or Canada. Swirnow also introduced Energypanels, a prefabricated curtain wall system thoughtfully designed to be a natural extension of the proven Energywall System. Prefabricated roof trusses and mansard frames were also added for their dimensional integrity and reduced erection time.


In the 1980’s, Swirnow was awarded worldwide patents for our Ecomboframe® superstructure system. The system used a combination of poured-in-place columns, partially precast beams, and the Hambro Floor System. With all three components in place, the result was a homogenous, monolithic superstructure that weighed about one-half of conventional concrete structures.


In the 1990’s, Swirnow was the first to introduce Carea® Stone Composite Panels in the U.S. market. Always in tune with the desires of architects and designers in an ever changing industry, we discovered that synthetic materials did not capture the imagination of designers, who were more interested in natural materials. In 1999, we began our research into terra-cotta, ceramics, and porcelain, investigating manufacturers, their practices, equipment, and raw materials.


Swirnow studied installation techniques, building codes, the predominant trades, and their resulting costs in order to find a better and more efficient cladding system. In 2005 at Batimat- Paris, we began developing what is now Avenere Cladding. The team at Swirnow Building Systems worked diligently to receive all testing approvals needed to sell the solution branded NeaCera® Terra-cotta Cladding in the U.S.  NeaCera quickly established itself as a reliable solution by Swirnow to then prevalent hollow core terra-cotta systems.

2010 - 2015

While the Hambro System had established itself as a top player in the market due to a proven record of success, Avenere Cladding developed NeaCera for entry into the U.S. market.  Avenere Cladding enjoyed market penetration and growth as it initiated a program of teaching and learning directed at sophisticated drywall contractors installing exterior sheathing on commercial buildings. These contractors proved to be excellent partners as we helped them expand their business into ventilated rainscreen solutions.  Implementing some of the strategies that launched our Hambro business via investing in Hambro installation contractors and offering Installation Cost Studies assisted contractors with their estimating. Our focus on their success was our success.

2016 - 2020

The reliability and consistent performance of Hambro as a leading composite floor system allowed it to continue to dominate the markets we serve. During this time, Avenere Cladding continued to expand, building milestone projects across the U.S., establishing themselves as a top player in the industry. Swirnow Building Systems is honored to have worked with nationally renowned companies such as Erickson Communities, Toll Brothers, Whiting & Turner, Brightview Senior Living, AECOM, HKS, Smith Group, Populous, and many others. In Fall of 2019, Swirnow Building Systems moved from 2801 Sisson St to 2400 Sisson St in Baltimore, MD, expanding it’s offices to create a more employee-centric environment. 

2021 - Present

As we pause and think about the impact the pandemic has had on all of us, our friends and family, Swirnow Building Systems is so thankful for all that our team members have done during this time period. While our commitment to work never wavered through supply chain disruptions, conflict in Ukraine and the pandemic, we are so fortunate to have built a great cultural foundation before COVID through MaryBeth Hyland. With the inception of Swirnow 360, a subcommittee of Swirnow employees dedicated to being culture keepers and connecting employees through meaningful interaction, it truly gave us permission to be human in these trying times.